Lies, damned lies and Green Deal

DECC minister Greg Barker was interviewed on BBC’s Newsnight last week about the success of the Green Deal.


Cutting through the obfuscatory statistics seems difficult for Mr Barker. Let’s look at what DECC have actually published as Green Deal statistics up to the end of October 2013.

The number of households which have had Green Deal measures installed: 219

The number of measures installed: 481

What were those measures?

Boiler: 178

Cavity wall insulation: 7

Loft insulation: 37

PV: 78

Heating controls: 71

Hot water cylinder insulation: 29

Hot water cylinder thermostat: 16

Solid wall insulation: 65

Number of Green Deal Advisors: 2687

Number of Green Deal Providers: 112

Number of Green Deal Installers: 2020

Just how likely would it be…

if you had PV panels on your roof and the building was totally destroyed.

Would your household insurance company compensate you for the lost future income from your Feed-in Tariff payments?

pv destroyed







It’s the sort of thing that is only going to happen to someone else isn’t it? Maybe worth checking that policy cover now.

EU to impose PV import duty?

Yesterday the EU published a regulation that requires registration of all PV imports from China. This could possibly lead to the imposition of an anti-dumping import duty on all imports effective from today.

Whether this will apply (and it will possibly be retrospective if it does) will not be known until later in the summer.

Any such duty could force the price of panels up by as much as 70-80%. Not good news for PV installers who need price certainty in order to offer their customers viable quotes.

2012 RPI figure announced

The Retail Price Index figure for the year to December 2012 has been announced today as being 3.1% – Consumer Price Indices, December 2012

This should mean that the revised FiT rates for existing PV installs (prior to November 2012) from April 1st 2013 will be uplifted as follows:

45.4p -> 46.8p
21.0p -> 21.7p
16.0p -> 16.5p

and for exports:

3.2p -> 3.3p
4.5p -> 4.6p

Note that following a recent change to the FiT rules by DECC that PV systems that have been installed since 1st November 2012 will not get this RPI increase. They will have to wait until 2014 for their first RPI uplift.

Permitted development and solid wall insulation

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have today issued some clarification on the issue of solid wall insulation (SWI) and permitted development. It had been thought that planning permission would generally be required for SWI as its installation effectively moves the front of the house forwards towards a highway, something that is specifically excluded from being allowed under permitted development.

But now the DCLG have issued guidance which unequivocally states that SWI is covered under permitted development:

The installation of solid wall insulation constitutes an improvement rather than an enlargement or extension to the dwellinghouse and is not caught by the provisions of d(i) and d(ii).

This guidance only directly covers England (as it makes reference to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (No.2) (England) Order 2008) but I expect it to be equally applicable in Wales which has near identical permitted development regulations. Scotland may be another matter.

This small change should make the lives of Green Deal SWI installers much simpler.

New PV FiT tariffs from 1st November

OFGEM have officially announced the FiT rates that will apply to new PV systems installed from 1st November 2012.
The main rate, for systems not exceeding 4kW, will drop from 16.0p to 15.44p and represents the first change that has been applied to FiT tariffs through the automatic degression system that changes tariffs based on the level of installation in earlier quarters.