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Another small update to FiTs legislation

DECC have announced another set of small amendments to the FiTs legislation. These come into force from 1st August 2011.

Of special note is that the period that microhydro systems (not more than 50kW) can be eligible for FiTs via ROO-FIT, instead of MCS, has been extended until 31st March 2012.

It also tidies up some other minor wordings to allow for tariff codes (used by OFGEM) to reflect year on year changes in rates and a change to Article 13, which is now amended to effectively say:

13. On or before 1st March immediately before the beginning of each FIT year (except FIT year 1), the Authority must publish in accordance with clause 3.3 of Part 1 of Schedule A to Standard Licence Condition 33 the FIT payment rate table which is to apply for that FIT year (subject to the Secretary of State substituting a new FIT payment rate table in Schedule A to Standard Licence Condition 33).

I do sometimes wonder if anyone at DECC has got a GCSE in English.

Environmental pioneer awards

The Environment Agency is asking for nominations for its first environmental pioneers awards.

Anyone who has had any dealings with the Environment Agency, to try to get permission to install a hydro scheme for example, may want to consider nominating the Environment Agency themselves. But they seem to have omitted any suitable category such as:

An award to recognise a public sector organisation that consistently achieves outstanding results in prevarication, procrastination, deviation and time-wasting whilst lining the pockets of specialist consultants on carbon emissions, energy use, waste and environmental impact. And encourages its staff to take similar steps in their everyday lives.

Heartbeat of a river

This graph shows the cumecs (m3/sec) of water flowing in the River Teifi over a 20 year period and clearly shows the seasonal difference in the amount of water flowing between each winter peak and summer trough.

The data for this graph came from the National River Flow Archive (NRFA) database held by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and shows the flow for the years 1989 to 2008.

Environment Agency publish map of potential hydro sites

Saw a small item on BBC Wales News this evening about the Environment Agency publishing a map of sites with hydro potential. After a bit of digging around I was able to find this and

It will be interesting to see if this marks the start of a change in EA thinking to small hydro systems.

Hydro in the Brecon Beacons

I had a day trip to the Beacons yesterday to find out what they are doing with hydro systems.  This was under the guise of our local Transition group (Trawsnewid Calon Teifi) with the day being funded by the Carmarthenshire Energy Agency (minibus and lunch). Our hosts for the day were Grenville and Andy from The Green Valley group (TGV). This is a volunteer-led community organisation although Grenville and Andy are employed by the Brecon Beacons National Park.

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