Electric power is provided by our own Proven 6kW wind generator and, as we are still grid-connected, any excess we generate is fed back onto the grid.  Under-floor heating and hot water is provided by a Ground Source Heat Pump.   We harvest, filter and store rainwater for toilet flushing.   All decoration has been carried out using environmentally friendly paints and finishes. Sound insulation requirements have been met by using sheep’s wool – Thermafleece.   We have our own mini sewerage treatment plant to handle waste water.   Bins are provided so that your paper, plastic, glass and metal refuse can be sorted for recycling.   Waste vegetable matter (no meat) can be composted in our vegetable garden. Please note that no waste foods can be fed to any farm animals.Our farm is run under the CCW Tir Gofal scheme, designed to protect the landscape and associated wildlife, and we have completed works to replace defective fencing and gates, restore hedgerows and build a new pond.  There are also some opportunities to create, place and monitor bird boxes.   The streams that border our land (Nant Gyfre and Nant Gran) are tributaries of the River Teifi, one of the best Trout fishing rivers in Wales.   Local birds are blue tit, great tit, magpies, robins, wag-tails, buzzards and the famous red kite.   We also have plenty of swallows and house martins in the summer.

Whilst many people think of the countryside as a quiet and peaceful place we do have some noise pollution:  cows lowing and sheep bleating – especially in the Spring when there are plenty of lambs around.  Tractors trundle about and most modern ones make a very annoying beep-beep when reversing.   At night-time, though, it is very quiet and some people, more used to the hustle and bustle of city life, find this makes it difficult for them to sleep – we have no problems though!   In summer the dawn chorus will be your alarm.

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Environmentally Sensitive Holiday Accommodation in West Wales