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I am proud to announce the publication of my first book Teifi People – Past and Present – an introduction to a unique river valley and its people.

coverMany sons and daughters of the Teifi Valley have become famous such as the authors T. Llew Jones, loved by children all over Wales for his adventure stories, and D. Parry-Jones, a Welsh country parson who wrote about the everyday life of valley folk. John Elwyn, the well-known Newcastle Emlyn painter, was inspired by the strong sense of community and the beauty of the landscape throughout the seasons in rural Ceredigion and captured it on canvas.

Others have become infamous. Herbert Lloyd, Squire of Peterwell Mansion in the 18th Century, ruled Lampeter with a rod of iron striking fear into the hearts of many. Twm Siôn Cati, known as the Welsh Robin Hood, terrorised Tregaron for years in his youth but later became a pillar of the community. The Teifi Valley had its own fasting girl, a peculiar phenomenon of the late 19th Century, who sadly eventually starved to death under the watchful eye of the medical profession.

The Teifi Valley also has its share of adventurers. Denzil Davies arrived in France having crossed the English Channel in a tiny coracle only to be refused entry by the French authorities who classed his coracle as an ‘alien craft’.

This anthology just scratches the surface of life along the Teifi Valley. I hope it will inspire you to investigate this small corner of Wales further.

The book is available from local shops including: Debbie’s or Fair & Fabulous in Newcastle Emlyn, Dianne Mathias’ Gallery in Henllan, The Museum of Childhood in Llangeller, and the Organic Shop in Lampeter.

Angie Marynicz

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